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The concept of urban exploration (urbex) - the photographing/capturing footage of old

abandoned, decaying houses - is not a fictional idea from the Red Woods screenwriter.

It is a decades-old tradition that experienced a rebirth of sorts with the advent of social media

and specifically YouTube, where today’s top urbexers capture and showcase these aging, intriguing, even scary

structures for their millions of fans to enjoy.


Below are some of the top urban explorers of our generation whose passion and dedication inspired the

character stories in Red Woods.  Take a look at their channel(s) and some of the videos - and you’ll

see how brilliantly they capture the beauty and history of the structures they explore.  But beware ... like the

characters in the movie, you may get hooked and find yourself wanting more!

Abandoned Urbex Canada

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AUC, with its high-quality videos

and dedicated fan base, was a natural

place to draw inspiration from in 

deciding to make the characters in

Red Woods big urbex fans or even

urbexers themselves.


Exploring abandoned and

forgotten places in Canada.

Providing the best quality videos

on Urban Exploring. 

Urbex Dane

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Urbex Dane does much of his urban exploring in nearby Ohio - very close to where Red Woods was shot in western Pennsylvania.  Not only abandoned houses, but decaying schools, stores - every kind of building!

Urban exploration channel dedicated to exploring abandoned places often left derelict and forgotten.

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